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Fake Bake – Spray Tan

Fake Bake is the most natural and long lasting fake tan on the market. It works with your own skin tones to give a beautifully natural tan. With anti-ageing ingredients, botanicals and it’s paraben free, it is as good for your body as it looks

There is an amazing new Fake Bake 60 minute tan which can be washed off anytime between 60 minutes and 3 hours depending on the depth of the tan that you want to achieve. With a shorter development time you can get on with your day!

We still use the normal and darker tans, these take between 6-8 hours to develop before they can be washed off.

Please note that a patch test is required 24 hours before your first treatment, please call into the salon for this and a pre tan advice sheet.

Legs £12
Full Body
60 Minute £19.50
Darker £18.00
Normal £15.00